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Prompt Users to Rate Your App Empty Prompt Users to Rate Your App

Post  ndmeador on Wed Feb 22, 2012 2:57 pm

(This tutorial has been adapted from one by Ethan on the Seattle Clouds forum.)

This short tutorial will show you how you may prompt users to rate your app.

You can only add this code to your app after it has been approved (i.e., assigned an app ID number and a direct link in the iTunes App Store). The easiest way to obtain that ID is to click "Manage Your Applications" in iTunes Connect (U:; P: 9090Thinkapple), then click "See All" in the upper right corner. The "Apple ID" column contains ID numbers for all our apps.

Alternatively you can find the ID number in the iTunes App Store. Open your app's listing, right-click the app icon, and choose "copy link." Then paste the link into a text document. The long number immediately following "id" is your app's ID (it should be about 9 digits long).

Now you'll use that ID number to created an updated version (i.e., a new build) of your app for re-submission.

First, you need to access your app's dashboard. Then go to "Edit Pages".

Find a page where you would like to insert the link to your app rating section at AppStore.

Now, go to edit the page, type in the text or add a button and insert the external link:

itms-apps:// sUserReviews?type=Purple+Software&id=xxxxxxxx

...where id=xxxxxxxxx is the Apple App ID.

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Now, when the end user of your app taps the added link/button, it will bring up the "Rating section of your app" from AppStore. This way the user is able to rate your app and/or write a review for it, saving some time looking it up.

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